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Self Awareness Secret: You Are Tailor-Made For Your Purpose

Posted By: Omolara Adedeji          In: Self Growth          226 Views         (Jan 27, 2018)

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 Self Awareness Secret: You Are Tailor-Made For Your Purpose

Men are suited for purpose, the same way the clothes that we wear are tailor-made for our bodies. Every man and woman is a product of design and the cause that necessitated every design is the purpose. Every purpose originates in God and He alone has the full knowledge of every purpose from start to finish. No man has a full knowledge of God's purpose for your life!


From the crown of your head to the sole of your feet, you are wired with such endowments only for the purpose that made God release you to the earth. Keep this in your heart, you are not a product of accident or mistake, you are not a product of a one night stand, nor are you an unwanted pregnancy. Rather, you are a clear design - fully thought out and the best selected from the thousands of sperm in competition for that egg that fertilized you. You are unique, different and a product of careful design. God sent you as a solution to the earth, an answer to a question and a right piece in a scattered puzzle. 


Your making is not a product of guess work but a product of need. Your complexion, shape, face, voice, tone, temperament and in-born skills are what you have been wired with to deliver the answer and solution to the earth. No man is special or to be preferred above another, we have all been given roles and assignments to deliver and we are duty bound to fulfill our part. Every man or woman on the earth is part of a team in his or her generation to play the game of life and score the goal of fulfillment in the goal post of destiny. What keeps you on the pitch is purpose and your coach is God. He gives you the role you are playing and He alone can advice you on how well to play against the opponent which is the devil, who is trying to outwit you and score against your destiny.


As you play on the pitch of life and in your role as determined by God, do not think of yourself or your role less, seek to please the coach and complement your team mates with the singular purpose of scoring good points in the goal post of destiny. Do not fret, your victory is certain as you remain submissive to your coach, who knows your abilities and the opponent you are playing against. Keep being focused and enjoy every second under His leadership, because your are tailor made for your purpose.


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Self Awareness Secret: You Are Tailor-Made For Your Purpose
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