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Trends and Paths: How To Chart The Right Course for Your Life

Posted By: Omolara Adedeji          In: Self Growth          155 Views         (Jan 27, 2018)

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 Trends and Paths: How To Chart The Right Course for Your Life

Trends and paths in life are often ignored by many people and overlooked to mean mere coincidence and the truth of this coincidence in the life of wise men and women are often times displayed as realities and destiny. We might overlook this article as well and see it as one of those things, you have read, heard or listened to in times past; but the truth must be told, we are not to take trends and paths for granted: for they are patterns that must not be ignored, in our lives and those around us.

For instance, look at the life of King David Jesse of ancient Israel, He was in the back side of the forest tending the sheep of Jesse his father. He encountered challenges and overcame them, by the wisdom and skillfulness of his hands. This same man became the man that was called and annointed to tend and keep the sheep of God - the people of Israel, and while doing that, he also encountered challenges and was able to overcome them. He lived his life effortlessly, as though it was not challenging.

You and I have also been called to live an effortless life on a path, that have given trends and patterns to our journey in life, from childhood to this stage. Stop calling them coincidences - it is what you have been called to and it is the path you have been designed to walk in. There is more to you than meets the eye and your destiny is as unique as the path of your life. Note, it is only when you choose to walk on the path, that you can arrive at this destiny that is unique to you. Keep this in mind, your life will only speak for the things, you have done and you have consistently done for years, with or without reward of anykind.

I will leave you with this thought, "What have you been born to do effortlessly that you have seen the trend in your life? What is the unique path that your life is called to walk in? What is your unique destiny in life?"

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Trends and Paths: How To Chart The Right Course for Your Life
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